Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello everyone

I haven't arrived until I have my own blog. I figure one day I will put mannfm11 up in lights I have written so much crap on the net that some of it has to be so insightful that I will look like Nostradamus. Of course, most of it will go right to the sewer for processing, as even a broken clock is right twice a day. I have had an interest in economics since before a kid should be interested in such boring crap, which may be why I have been single all my life. We live in very interesting times as far as economics go and the new rules will be seen, but probably not recorded. I believe we are in a history changing period of asset values and coming monetary deflation that will possibly change the course of history and nations. I seem to debate this subject in other forums every day, as being in the minority that believe that credit will deteriorate to the point that paper money actually gains in value. I am quite certain that it will buy a greater amount of domestic assets in the United States at some time and quite likely raw materials as well. With the current situation of declining dollars and rising commodity prices, I am in the minority that feels this way. But, being that our money is nothing more than an exchange of claims of debt, the holder of the money is basically the owner of the properties secured by the debt. This is not advantageous while the system can provide enough new debt to keep the payment on collateral loans current, but once we enter the current twilight zone, this option comes into play.

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