Thursday, January 10, 2019


The government is shut down and, who is at fault?  Congress.  Both parties.  The DNC, the RNC, K Street and a bunch of people and organizations can be grouped in with Congress.  Trump?  No, the problem has simmered and progressively become worse as time has passed.  One third of the people of El Salvador are reportedly in the US now.  They didn't just show up 1 week.  Does this sound like a recent issue?

Are Americans heartless or racists, because they would like to slow, cease or limit cross border movement?  I think not.  What about the 300 million Indians, who would pile in immediately, of we opened the gate?  Half of Africa, much of Europe and other parts of Asia would like to come as well.  That is, until enough came to destroy the country by changing its philosophy and overwhelming its physical and financial resources.  This issue totally threatens the middle class in the country, mainly the bottom half, which has been suffering living standard declines for decades, much due to the dilution of the labor pool with millions of unskilled immigrants, willing to undercut the domestic worker.

The press and the left needs to open their eyes and they will see why Trump has received so much support.  For more than 20 years, there has been discussion about immigration, amnesty and border security.  Much of the current Democratic resistance has voted for a border fence, wall or some kind of barrier, but never funded more and a pittance of the costs.  Most of them are on the record in policy or campaign speeches, taking Trump's current position.  20 years and nothing of count has been done.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF COUNT.

It is becoming obvious that instead of doing something to solve the problems here, the parties have chosen to make the situation something to talk about during campaigns, checking the breeze enough and using it to divide during the sessions, the press then dividing the country.  They all know what comes over the border, drugs, human trafficking, people looking for a better life and now, welfare seekers.  The later overwhelm a part of government services that are already in peril, as American education and medical care are way out of bounds in cost, due mostly to political solutions.

20 years and nothing done.  I will expand, as the entire Federal Government mechanism is about talking points and nothing about reasonable solutions.  They can't pass a budget, they can't move on immigration, amnesty and border security.  They merely let the problem get to a crisis point.  The border has been a crisis for decades, a 3000 mile crisis.  Again, 20 years of talking and nothing done, except brainwash the kids in school.  We are a nation of disabled humans, from birth to grave and the most disabled are the people running the 2 parties.

I am of the opinion, after observation that if we merely put the names of 100,000 people at a football game and drew 435, we would do better than the crap we are being fed by the parties.  The same is true for the Senate, draw them out of a hat.  There are Senators from major States that shouldn't be running the animal shelter in a mid sized town, much less making rules for the country.  They are a pile of political talking points, full of schemes to unjustly enrich themselves and others at the expense of a population being enslaved by coercion.  They find their political issues and block other solutions or create solutions that barely work at prices 100 times what should be allocated.  We could wipe out the entire group and never miss one of them.

There is always talk about people paying their fair share from politicians.  The Federal government spends $4 trillion a year and there are around 125 million private jobs in the US.  I don't count government jobs, because they all draw out of the private sector and are part of the political class.  In any case, Federal spending is over $30,000 per private job.  Let that sink in.  A high percentage of private jobs pay no more than $30,000 a year, so those jobs have to go to pay 100% tax to pay their fair share.  The rich can't pay it, as a couple years of deficits are enough to drain the top .1% and take a bite out of the remainder.  So, adding to that drain isn't doing anything but dragging the country down farther.

Immigration and border security are on the front burner right now.  We have had a war in Afghanistan drag on for 17 years.  No solution.  The swamp wants to stay and I think Trump is about to leave.  70 years in Korea.  Imagine that, the iron curtain came down, the Chinese modernized and became our biggest source of imported goods and we can't solve a regional skirmish in 70 years?  I'm sure we could have built housing for half the country with the costs of these fiascos.

Let's move from wars to trade.  China is destroying the American middle class, but it is a Congress, executive self inflicted wound.  They just sit there for 20 years, while the financial position of Americans get to the point way over half don't have a months income in savings.  $800 billion has to be paid somehow, debt and asset liquidations, being the only methods, besides bankruptcy.  Where did the equity seniors used to have built up in their homes go?  Excess government spending and unrestricted monetary policy are to blame, as much as the people themselves.

We can go on and on.  The border issue has been a crisis for years.  It has spread across the nation, weakened families, diluted earning capacity of the working middle class and destroyed finances.  These resources have been replaced by disability, welfare and drug addiction of a disillusioned group of people.  Know it or not, these people pay the salaries of the pious leftists who reign above them.  The whole stack of cards id coming down.

Trump was elected, because Congress and the 2 political parties became self serving outfits with nothing to show but self interest in the end.  There are all crisis.  The press is the lapdog and the people are lied to with every news story.  We are listing to the solutions of idiots, pushed by another group of idiots to the point that only people who can think for themselves are able to fend off the nonsense.  There are a lot of anti Trump politicians because they are anti American and have little interest in the long term stability and prosperity of America.

20 years of talking and we still have the same bullshit border security with millions coming over from places all over the world, drugs, terrorists, human trafficking, disease, pestilence and massive social and financial costs.  Kids are growing up with illegal aliens and socialist teaching and most have dim prospects for their futures.  They can't see the truth.  Congress would rather not deal with this problem, because it would spoil their next campaign, for or against immigration, for or against free trade, for or against war.  All the while, their comrades in DC and on Wall Street and in the bureaucracies get rich or secure and the people get continually poorer in worse conditions.

Trump is going to make something happen.  Stop the flow and deal with the effects.  We can't solve drug addiction when the supply keeps pouring in.   We can go on with this nonsense and go down the drain or do something about it.  Pelosi and Schumer have been playing footsies with this issue for decades.  Paul Ryan did nothing.  Boehner did nothing.  Obama did nothing, but take actions without law to make the situation even harder to solve.  Bush, Clinton.  The last attempt was Reagan, in the 1980's and he was double crossed by lying Democrats.

Before Trump, the domestic United States was left to rot, by a complicit Congress.  Pelosi is worth tens, if not hundreds of millions.  She has been in Congress for decades.  Maxine Waters lives in a multi-million dollar home, not in her district.  Washington DC get richer and more crooked and less trustworthy, as the majority of the rest of the country sinks.  It is all unsustainable and they are fiddling while Rome is burning and plotting their escape.  Build the wall and lets start solving problems.  Most good ideas are simple.  Congress has none.  In the end, I have to believe he Democratic Party is involved in more than politics.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The latest leftist craze is a guaranteed income.  The idea is everyone deserves something and giving everyone something would save money.  The idea, if not examined, makes sense.  This would be especially true, if a large portion, like 95%, of the bureaucracy could be eliminated.  It might also be true, if the amount took away all the subsidized housing, all the Medicaid, all the education support.  But, the chances of this are less than me drinking all the salt water in the Pacific Ocean.

The question starts, who gets the money?  Then, it is how much?  Then, what does it replace?  Lastly, who is going to pay?  These are important questions for a variety of reasons.  If everyone is going to get it, then those that work are going to have to pay enough in taxes and enough in taxes is going to have to be collected out of the money given others to pay for the program.  Also, there is going to have to be a huge employment program for the eliminated bureaucrats, who are largely not fit for private employment.  The private sector already has enough bureaucrats.

What I am about to write probably goes astray of the fake science known as Keynesian or mainstream economics, but it is in fact true.  The math cannot add up in any other fashion, when all is said and done.  That factor is that the working class pays all taxes in the end.  This is not understood, because there is so much money created by government debt and many people that work for a living don't pay any income tax, only employment taxes.  This will be true regardless of whether taxes on the rich are low or close to 100%, or we will see a decline in the economy that most people aren't prepared to accept.

There are a couple of facts that are not advertised to the public at large.  This is merely Federal Government, not the state and local governments around the country, which makes the picture even bleaker.  The added Federal debt for fiscal year 2016, regardless of what was stated as the deficit, was $1.4 trillion.  If you don't believe me, look for yourself for the debt level October 1, 2015 and then September 30, 2016.  We were told we had a great economy, but the truth is the Federal government is rapidly going broke and the populace cannot be taxed enough to pay for what the government is consuming and paying out.

The second fact is there are roughly 120 million private jobs and we are spending $3.6 trillion on an annual basis.  That expenditure equals $30,000 a private job.  Being that a full 50% of jobs in the US now pay $30,000 a year or less, this equates to 100% of the income of half the job holders in the US.  Being that the majority of the rest make $75,000 or less, we are talking about 40% or more of the productive income of 85% or so of the private sector workers in the USA.  American credit fails, which it is sure to do, if the current trend persists and the system cannot go on.  Then, we see the collapse of the currency, the liquidation of all private property into the hands of a few and dark age serfdom returning to the modern world.

The wealthy pay taxes only on income received.  Either income is received from other wealthy people or from the working class.  Nothing can be received that isn't first paid or financed.  This means that working class people merely return the majority of their money received back to those that employ them and the cycle continues.  Rich taxes are paid out of money spent by the working class and in a real capitalist economy, this is net of credit, with the excess being recycled as investment payrolls.  Throw in credit and the game gets out of balance, which is what creates the business cycle.  This is for another post or you can study the masterpiece by Ludwig von Mises, The Theory of Money and Credit.  If you can understand that in sum nothing can be paid that isn't received or financed, you can figure this one out.  The taxes either have to be paid our of what most of us are paid or what we spend.

Now, lets do the math.  There are roughly 330 million people in the United States.  Lets say we pay them all $1000 a month.  This amounts to $330 billion a month or $4 trillion a year.  What does this eliminate?  Does it eliminate Section 8?  Medicaid?  Social Security?  Medicare?  None of the above?  Maybe it merely eliminates 1 million bureaucrats at $100K a year?  Take off $100 billion.  Put in another $1.1 trillion and we have a net budget of $5 trillion, a 35% increase of the current budget.  If Medicare and Social Security are continued, that is another $1.2 trillion or so, which brings us to $6.2 trillion.  We are now looking at a cost of over $50,000 per private job.  The families currently making $30,000 to $40,000 a year have to consider not working, though with 2 children, their income would grow to $70,000 to $80,000 a year.  Their share of the government would be $50,000 for 1 job and $100,000 for 2 jobs.  We all know they would be exempt from paying anything other than Social Security taxes, so the burden would fall to the next income bracket upward.

The $100K household, of the same size would have their income expand to $140,000.  This is the typical middle class 2 income family.  It would also be the households that would start bearing the costs that couldn't be paid by the lower income classes.  Their $30,000 share per job or $60,000, in the case of a 2 worker household would grow to $50,000 or $100,000.  The later would place them in the same shape they were in before the distribution.  The former would improve that household's prorate share from $70K to $90K.  Either way, something besides the status quo would require this household pay more in taxes in some fashion.  These are the households that send their kids to college, buy a new car every 4 or 5 years, buy some new furniture once in awhile, etc.  They also go to restaurants, employing kitchen help and wait staff.  If the standard of living is destroyed in this class, the economy ceases to prosper, which is what has occurred in much of America.

So, do we give it to everyone or do we give it to a select few that the politicians select and leave the rest of us alone?  In effect, required taxation would deprive anyone above the median of any benefit.  If you tax the rich and leave the rest of us alone, how does that play?  Lets say 30 million are eligible?  How many more quit work and get on the gravy train?  Remember, maybe 70 million are retired and 120 million are privately employed.  Throw in another 30 million or so in government.  About 75 million are under 19.  That leaves 65 million roughly that don't work.  Of the 120 million, likely another 40 million either need some kind of assistance or struggle along.  How many of these 40 million would merely quit working and take the money?  There are place in the USA you can live pretty cheap.  Not here in Collin County Texas, but in the abandoned middle part of the country, there are many cities and towns where a couple could take $2000 a month and get along.

I have considered this idea before, as Senator George McGovern brought up the idea in the 1972 election. It was foreign to the morals of the country that everyone could be paid for not working.  I examined the idea because so much has changed in the bureaucracy geared toward the welfare state.  Don't ever fool yourself into thinking the bureaucracy works for us.  The bureaucracy works for the bureaucracy.  This is not to say there aren't people in the bureaucracy that care a lot for we the people, but like anyone, there is always number 1.  This is the backbone of the swamp.  Getting rid of them would make the idea more plausible, but in my case, it was that the idea might have headed off the massive growth in this group.

If there was an amount that would get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps, Section 8 and all the other help programs, this would be a viable program, only if it got rid of the entire bureaucracy that services these programs.  Of course, Medicare would still have to be funded by a deduction from the check.  Medicaid would also have to be deducted.  These would be required, if one wasn't earning money in the private sector.

These are the cases for and against.  The question then becomes, what would happen if the guarantee was put in?  How many people would quit work?  What would the price of labor for bottom end jobs be?  Would people retire at age 50?  If so, what would they do?  People produce goods and services and if people don't work, the amount of goods and services are no longer provided.

Also, what does this do to the level of taxation for those that continue to work?  What happens to the structure of credit and the value of the currency?  Both of these factors, regardless of how basically good or bad the idea appears, are the real questions.  They could tax capital, but in confiscating capital wealth, the country runs the risk of consuming the seed corn and stagnating real progress.  At what point does the emerging world no longer take American or European money and we find ourselves in the same boat as Venezuela?  A guaranteed check is fine and dandy, as long as it will buy what one needs.  Once it doesn't and the money collapses, there is no amount of printing that will ever restore the purchasing power of the check.  This isn't an opinion.  It is economic history.  Then it comes down to who eats who?

Friday, June 2, 2017

And the International Swamp Screams

Politicians are like kids in a first grade classroom, except worse.  When something that affects them negatively, like more homework or no Halloween candy, you hear a collective moan.  Never has there been a more universal moan out of so broad a group of political class members, in my lifetime.  A huge pile of goodies were taken away.

For the naïve and uninitiated, the typical politician couldn't care if you fell over dead in the street, unless you were a personal friend, donor or they could make political hay out of your death.  They don't mind starting wars, murdering people or any kind of mayhem, as long as it puts money in their pockets, adds to their power or buys them more votes to use to peddle more influence.  There might be 10% of them not in that class, usually 1 termers.  Pull the name of a multi-term Congressman out of the hat and you have a sure bet you found one of this type.  Find one that has clawed their way up the political ladder and you find a top Swamper, a virtual Al Capone.  Statesmen were from a different era and, in fact, few and far between.  Crooks populated the first Congress and it has been that way ever since. 

The Paris Accord was going to be a source of trillions of dollars for the Swampers, over the next couple of decades.  The lobbyists were going to propose the laws, the politicians pass them and the executive branch write the regulations.  As usual, these laws and regulations were not going to be for we the people, but for those already in line with their own plans.  A million dollars or so, well placed would put the main crooks in the drivers seat.

There isn't much the Accord would do to change the weather, quite likely nothing.  At best, it would force China and India to start cleaning up in a couple of decades.  The only thing we could count on is the middle class and poor, in the United States, would foot the bulk of the bill and Swampers, especially those close to the Democratic National Committee, would reap billions.  More would have to be paid by fewer people, because the real economy would suffer.

The idea global warming regulations would be good for the economy goes hand in hand with the broken window theory and the idea of war being good.  What they are good for is a few well placed businessmen and bankers.  War production is blown up and the enriched worker ends up getting the bill, in the end.  The broken window theory, aka storm damage and other catastrophes merely replaces what has been destroyed.  When a window is broken, society loses the use of a window.  When a house is blown away, a house is lost.  Getting sick also generates a lot of money for someone, but the productivity of the patient is lost. 

Contrary to the story, there is plenty of evidence against the politically presented story of climate change.  You might note that any time something out of the day to day ordinary happens in weather, they blame climate change.  A Dallas County Judge today blamed climate change for floods we had in 2015.  That might work for the masses and kids that have not been here long, as this is a fast growing area, but over the past 50 years, I have seen plenty of floods, some of which would have been significantly worse, had there been as much concrete then as there is now.  Not climate change.  Sometimes, it just rains a hell of a lot at once here.  Sometimes we have droughts.  Some are worse than others.  We had a dust bowl in the 1930's, when there wasn't much fossil fuel use. 

If you have been watching the idiot box and listening to the power and money hungry political class for the last 15 years, you might do your own research.  Those opposed to the fake data theory, which is actually how the prevailing science has been proven up, are substantial and very significant scientists.  You might note that Exxon Mobil is in favor of the climate pact, so there goes the charge that these guys are paid by the oil industry, which is an often used way to stain the reputation of a denier.  In any case, plug into the many videos on YouTube that cover the real science and you will find the most likely causes of climate change, which has been in force for 4 billion years now, are solar cycles and sunspots.

The climate is going to change, if man goes away.  One thing for certain is the fascist governments around the world are going to be able to do absolutely nothing about the sun.  But, that doesn't stop them from attempting to sell us on the idea that CO2 is pollution.  It isn't pollution, but instead the gas that supports plants and is respired from the life actions of all animals and humans.  Another thing for certain is that politicians and their cronies, which we are likely not in the group, are going to tax us, control us and lower our standard of living to their benefit.  This is why they are all screaming in unison.  It is the ultimate in worldwide socialist, communist and fascist control of the populace, the standard of living and the corruption that comes along with it. 

In closing, the one thing we must hope is that the trend in temperature is sideways or up.  Cooler temperature would be a disaster for the world, with lower crop yields and all the other problems that come with cold.  Some more CO2 would boost the growth of crops and trees.  Modern history hasn't shown the idea that the oceans are going to rise and flood the world, as we had a warmer period 1000 years ago and I don't see much evidence London England and Manhattan Island were under water at the time.  There is evidence out there that man lived, mined and farmed on areas now covered by ice.  2 things are certain, death and taxes.  Taxes are the fuel for the political class, in control and goodies to pass around.  The people that work for a living that don't work for the government, those who live by economic means instead of political means, pay all that is paid. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Donald Trump's Greatest Victory. Stopping the Climate Change Scam...So Far?

Today, Donald Trump confirmed one of his most important campaign promises, pulling out of the Paris Accords on Climate Change.  There are masses against this, not because it is important, but because of the propaganda that has been spouted over the past 20 years or so.  It is right up along side the Russian interference news story that has almost no valid backing. 

Why was the climate pact so important to avoid?  To start, there is plenty of conflict as to whether the science is valid or not.  The 97% figure was never accurate.  It was made up, using names of people that had attended conferences that had never voiced an opinion pro or con.  So, there is a good chance the whole matter was invalid and even if it had some validity, no reasonable person would really believe the governments of the world could control the temperature of the Earth.  There is a massive amount of scientific proof that the world has been warmer and colder throughout history, trends in one direction that reverse in the other direction.

There is also the fact that the pro change group was being paid to come to the warming conclusion and doctored the data to achieve a continuance of the warming trend.  The hack of emails of a major climate lab discovered the scientists were under duress to hide the decline.  The decline was a 30 years or more period between the 1930's and 1970's, when global temperatures declined.  This was a period when the use of fossil fuels ramped up massively, thus blowing a hole in the CO2 theory.  According to one group of data, there has been no warming since the late 1990's.

One might note the term has moved from Global warming to Climate Change.  The climate has always changed.  What has also changed is the news, where propaganda from the major fascist leaders and establishment figures around the world has pointed to everything, warm weather, cold weather, storms, no storms, rainfall, no rainfall, etc. and said it was linked to global warming.  Those of us that are prone to think we know something, because everyone is supposed to know, might find ourselves brainwashed by such a practice.  But, because there is data that shows no warming, the switch has been made, with the same message.  Global warming=Climate Change, though they are actually 2 different things. 

The real absurdity starts with the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.  400 parts per million.  In comparison, oxygen, at 20% is roughly 200,000 parts per million, nitrogen at in the high 700,000 range.  Added CO2 is like throwing another jigger of scotch in a lake, expecting the water to now get one drunk.  Greenhouse or not (called greenhouse because they pump it into greenhouses to make plants grow faster, maybe a good thing), the amount of CO2 is insignificant, a very trace element. 

I have doubted the story from the first for one reason.  Back when I was in school, around 1970, I had read that the energy of the sun hitting the Earth for either 1 second or 1 minute (a big difference in magnitude, but in either case, an amazing statistic) was greater than the total amount of energy mankind had expended in history.  In such an arena, there could be little effect from any other source on temperatures that came close to that from the sun.  Mankind was insignificant. 

Going farther, the arguments against the global warming theory involved a variety of causes, including the number of sunspots present at a given time.  Man had been recording sunspots for as long as there were means to do so, several hundred years and there were records.  The more sunspots, the warmer the temperature.  Fewer sunspots led to cooler temperatures.  Thus, regardless of theory, the primary influence came from solar, not from mankind. 

This brings us to the next point.  That point is, who is stupid enough to believe, without destroying the atmosphere, is government of any kind going to control the sun?  This is what they are telling us, because using all known data, this is what creates the warming and cooling cycles on Earth.  Not another eyedropper of CO2 thrown in the ocean of air we have around us.  They might as well have told us we needed to give them money and power to stop a Martian invasion. 

Then comes the question of why so many establishment figures are behind the climate control agenda?  The same answer as most other ideas, money and power.  Virtually all deniers have been accused of working for the oil companies.  But, it turns out the multinationals are in favor of the pact.  Why?  I suspect the investment bankers and the petrochemical industry are counting on having control of carbon credits.  The idea has made former VP Al Gore wealthy.  Carbon credits would virtually take the right of the average Joe to consume energy, free of any side profit earned through this multinational corporate and international banker racket. 

The we have the politicians, the corporate states.  What it a corporate state?  It is the political form of something otherwise known as fascism.  Virtually the entire Western world is engaged in fascism to some degree. It is a form of socialism where the government and the major corporations have a cooperative relationship.  It was the elites way of adopting socialism without going to communism. 

The climate change accord meets the model for a worldwide corporate state, where industry is managed in unison by a few.  It gives the politicians and the multinationals full control of the economy of the entire world.  Though ideas move the world forward, the whole game runs in energy and regardless of what they say about green energy, it can hardly provide more than a dent in what is needed for progress around the world.  Thus, who controls the carbon based fuels, controls the world and the uses of these valuable substances. 

Though it sounds good, socialism is a bar to progress around the world.  It sounds good in that it divides everything up.  But, divided up, what does everyone get?  The same?  That might be for us peons, but not for the elite.  In getting the same, who wants to produce more?  In fact, who wants to produce at all, if they are going to get an equal share either way?  Take a look at Venezuela, what is by far the wealthiest country in South America.  Several years ago, the supply of toilet paper dried up.  A major oil producing country, with an abundance of good land and other minerals and nothing to wipe with.  Now, there is not enough food.  Everyone gets their fair share, except a few who have deemed themselves important. 

Take a look at the backers of the Paris Accords that you see at the conferences.  Do they fly coach?  No, they fly their own planes, many of them commercial jet liner size.  How concerned are they about their carbon footprint?  How concerned are they about the added cost of energy?  Not very, because they are going to run the game and the flow of funds will be rigged so they can continue to live it up, while many of the rest of us have to give up our cars, turn our air conditioners down or off in the summer and wrap ourselves in blankets during the winter.  Everything will be more expensive. 

Being that I have now lived over 6 decades, I have seen things, read things and digested ideas that people 30 years younger than myself have either no or little knowledge.  I was a kid in the 1960's, when the US still had muscle and the economy hadn't been fully sabotaged by the DC elites.  There was much discussion in the 1950's about the significance of the UN and the various treaties we had entered.  The fear was that the US government was ceding the sovereignty of its people to international organizations.  Anyone who takes a close look, sees that is the truth.  The Paris Accords was going to be the final straw, as a country whose people have no direct control of their economy no longer has its freedom.  All government is left to do is manage the resources between its people and manage its people.  It is the people that are supposed to manage the DC government, not the reverse. 

This brings us to the mainstream establishment trouble with Trump.  Despite being very wealthy, Trump isn't in their club.  He sees the US a nation of people that can do as he did, not as a country that you need connections to the government in order to prosper.  The US government, in an accelerating manner, has systematically destroyed the industries in the US, including agriculture and it is destroying, through propaganda and education, the initiative a a major portion of its people.  More intelligent in some ways, where it counts, the kids today are dumb as a box of rocks.  Colleges are nothing more than training centers for bureaucrats, not creators of science in industry.  This is why we have a leftist tilt to the education system and its students.  Clearly the understanding of real economics and math are beyond the masses. 

One must ask themselves how long a nation can last that exports a trillion dollars a year in debt in exchange for goods and services, gives away, through military and other programs, several hundred billion more.  It's central government spends $30,000 a year per private job, a figure that is equal to or greater than the pay of half the jobs.  Can anyone explain how long that is going to work?  Then we have elitists, the same people that want the Accord approved, who talk of guaranteed incomes.  With whose money?  So we print it off on the press?  The $30K a year guy already has a fair share of $30K a year.  If they give him $10K, it will be $40K, except that if they give the nonworking guy the $10K as well, that too will go on the fair share.  Businesses are merely transferees  of taxes, thus the bill is being paid regardless. 

The point is, a country that is already mathematically broke isn't in position to pay tens of billions of dollars a year to third world countries to make up for not emitting CO2, nor can it continue on its current path sans the money.  We also can't afford to spend an average of $13,000 per capita on health care, regardless of whether one is sick or not.  The government has already ruined that industry, one which was affordable and the best in the world at one time.  Think they are going to do any better at managing our broad economy through carbon credits? 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

America versus the New World Order

The recent election of Donald Trump has generated massive controversy and resistance from a variety of actors and organizations.  Trump, who has had a tremendously successful career as a real estate developer and investor, has been ridiculed as an incompetent, a racist, anti-woman and other negative features.  100 years ago, his election would have been heralded as good for America, as the business of the United States is business and private property.  Today, we are seeing resistance, from hired protestors to challenges in the electoral college.  The news media is on fire and there is a move to censor the alternate view, from these same sources. 

I have read the books from 50 years ago.  There were actions attempted in Congress to stop this anti-American activity in the early part of the 1950's, making the same claims.  These actions were lobbied out of existence, labeled as ridiculous.  The writers mentioned groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations and United Nations, that were designed to hijack the United States government and put us under international rule.  All of this was labeled as conspiracy theory, tinfoil wacko stuff.

After 60 years of living and some knowledge of this subject over the past 20 years, I have to believe there is a lot to the conspiracy theories.  In fact, there isn't a conspiracy, except in the media and in politics to hide the intent of what they are doing and to label anyone who points out what they are doing as unconstitutional and treasonous, as a tinfoil nut.  I quit reading, and for the most part, I quit talking about the subject and began to watch.  Anyone who pays attention over time, has to know this is no theory, but a fact. 

Political correctness is one of the items that has come out of the act to delegitimize America and brand America as a bad country.  I believe the signing of the UN Genocide Treaty and the political correctness movement arose at the same time.  There was a clause in the Treaty, which the US refused to sign for 30 years, that stated that someone who made a statement deemed to hurt the feelings of a member of a group or a group was guilty of genocide.  There goes the 1st amendment and in comes the thought police.  Upon reading this, there was a story of the arrest of a teenage kid at school, who had called an overweight girl a fat cow.  This happened locally.  Though not nice, the idea of arrest was foreign to the public view at that time and the kid was let loose.  Having read the books, I knew this was in fact an attempt to exercise the treaty in the US.  The people of the country hadn't swallowed the nonsense enough to take action of such absurd proportions. 

We need look no farther than the recent election to see how far the political correctness, UN genocide treaty has advanced in the United States and as far as that goes, around the world.  Outsiders are being brought in throughout Europe and North America, under the guise of refugees.  Who created these refugees in the first place?  The politically correct US establishment, in fomenting civil war in the secular Middle East and North Africa.  The ruling establishment is up to their necks in this policy and behind such movement. 

Order out of chaos is the mantra of the internationalists.  The current line of thought was organized out of world war I & II.  The League of Nations failed after World War I, because the United States people refused to be put under such an organization.  Having failed, they planned a bigger war, with European socialism being the spearhead.  The abandonment of gold as a support for European money, the demands on Germany to pay for the war that was no more their fault than the fault of France, England or Russia and the insane division of Europe, were acts that created the stage for World War II. 

There is no greater spearhead in US history for the rise of international regulation and government than the establishment of the Federal Reserve.  Unless one understands money and credit together with banking, it is difficult for the general public to see this problem.  The problem is linked to the fact that once banking starts making loans by creating deposits, the money no longer exists to satisfy the deposit liabilities or for that matter, to pay the accrued interest, as all the money is all the money.  Post World War II,  the Breton Woods Agreement was negotiated to monetize world trade and fix the value of the various currencies around the world to the dollar.  This action allowed for the re-establishment of European currency and trade, but it served to drain the US of trade dollars and instead of buying American, foreign countries merely bought US bonds in place of gold or dollars themselves.  Eventually, the United States ran out of gold to deliver and the system moved to purely debt money. 

The abandonment of gold put the monetary systems of the world on purely debt money.  The problem with debt money is there is no rational limit to where the game begins and ends, as the entire structure is based on fiction rather than substance.  Credit demands constant expansion, or the economy stagnates and the system comes apart.  This means that bankers have more debt to draw interest and those outside the banks have more debts to pay.  It also means the position of the bank is perilous and with it the deposits of its customers.  It becomes a catch 22, extortion racket.

Consumer bank finance, whether it be credit cards, car loans or mortgages, if held by banks, forces the consumer to dedicate more of his future income to paying for past consumption, thus creating a condition of lower future demand.  At the same time, the balance sheets of industries and banks are inflated.  The entire system is a balance sheet.  Debt financed out of savings, can merely be seen as delayed spending and at risk with no risk to the system, only to the lender.  There is no savings used in bank credit other than the extraction of capital created from the sale of items.  Thus, bank money has a way of impounding the capital of others, while the bank operates as a middle man.  This is why inflation, which is nothing more than the expansion of credit, is not good for the economy. 

To tie this in with the international scheme of rule, one must come to understand what created the Great Depression, that which led to the great bubble in the stock market, that is seen as the cause of the depression by many.  The bubble was merely an effect of loose Federal Reserve monetary policy, undertaken in part to support the overvalued return of Britain to the gold standard.  This is an important feature, because international trade and the solvency of such trade is a key component of globalism.  The currency doesn't matter, so much as the debt that accrues from international trade.

During the 1920's, the US was the only solvent country of any means on Earth.  Europe had exhausted its finances in World War I, and for the most part, destroyed its capacity to back their money with gold.  Britain returned to the gold standard in a modified gold exchange system, which was really nothing, but a fraud.  To understand gold, one must understand that credit must be liquidated or the nation using credit becomes impoverished by the credit used to carry on commerce. 

At the end of the war, the US was a rapidly expanding economy, largely on the war trade it carried on during World War I.  The end of the war was painful for the US economy, as witnessed by the panic of 1919-1921.  Inflated commodities fell in price.  Roaring factories supplying the war shut down.  The economy had to transition and the related debt had to be liquidated.  Of course, the early 1900's were a period of creativity, and the new inventions had a market.  Domestic and foreign.  In order to transact international trade, Wall Street bankers and other entities created debt instruments to finance imbalances in trade.  It didn't matter if it was debt or gold, as long as the credits for gold moved to make payment.  Capital flows, in the form of investment would usually have been made to create demand, but the new game was debt financing.  Otherwise, American investment in European production would have had to been transacted, just as the reverse was true when the US was growing in prior years. 

The problem was, the banks were giving credit to bankrupt nations, to buy American goods.  This created the boom of the 1920's, something that couldn't be sustained.  When the party stopped, the United States fell into the worst depression in its history.   The length of the depression was caused by the fact the Federal Reserve was insolvent and the loans from Europe were broadly held in the US banking system.  All debt was based on inflated values.  So, it was either liquidate the debt and the bad investment and start over or cover up the situation.  The later was the choice, as it was the only way the big banks and the central bank were to remain intact.  FDR cancelled payment in gold and substituted currency with the fiat "This note is legal tender for all debts public and private".  He then devalued the dollar from $20 and change per ounce to $35 an ounce, providing for room to inflate.  The system was not allowed to de-lever and though the stock market recovered half its losses between 1932 and 1937, the economy didn't recover.  Demand had little to do with it.  It was the fact that certain parties were excused from having to take losses.  The Federal Reserve provided the illusion of unlimited credit and system couldn't make good on its debts. 

With the advent of Bretton Woods and the United Nations, a couple more institutions arose.  They were the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.  The World Bank was primarily to make international government loans to finance projects in emerging countries.  The IMF was to stop international bankruptcy at the border of participating countries, to ensure the bank loans to such countries were good.  This prevented the losses that always arise from excessive credit expansion from laying at the feet they belong and instead by paid by the sale of assets in the rescued country.  These fire sales are generally attended by the same internationalists that are behind such financing. 

One only need look at the debt prison in which Greece resides to understand the forces behind the IMF.  Greece is broke and will remain broke.  The debt is bad.  Yet, the IMF and the European System provides the illusion the debt of Greece is good.  They have now made the fatal mistake of taking much of the paper into the ECB, which upon default will make the ECB broke.  This has international implications.  One cannot be held in bondage and remain free.

We have now crossed the boundary of sanity in finance.  In the United States, we used Federal Reserve currency for trade.  But, unknown to most, the dollar is merely an international debt instrument.  The dollar derives its value, not on its acceptance in trade, but its acceptance in credit.  No dollars, no credit.  This is because the loans around the world, to finance trade, are largely made in dollars.  One has no use for financial paper, if there isn't a market in which to park it.  The demise of the dollar, based on some idea of value, is greatly exaggerated.  To destroy the dollar is to destroy most of the cross border paper on Earth. One would have to find an acceptable substitute, which there is only one, the Euro.  The Euro is backed by a system that is more in debt than the United States system.  Thus, the move to the Euro would involve the purchase of debt instruments of higher risk and lower quality.  The yen is even more perilous, as the debt levels in Japan are at a point where bankruptcy is the only real solution to recovery.  The Yuan of China is based on the dollar assets held in China and there is little in the form of debt based on the Chinese currency to give it any substance in trade.  This, with the fact the debt in China is as perilous as any on Earth, meaning that a conversion of the yuan to gold would immediately result in the removal of all gold from the country. 

Whereas we the people have to save our money to buy the bonds of the United States, banking institutions merely have to create credit on their balance sheet to buy the bonds.  Their main exposure is interest rate risk and little else.  They get their interest bearing paper for free.  This is why governments put up with banks and why they bail them out in crisis. 

The fraud in all of this is the entire system is based on debt that will never be paid.  It is supported only by the continual liquidation of equity in capital held by the people of the various nations involved.  Whereas, we the people work, for our money, the banks merely create it on their ledger, in return for the pledge of an asset or future income.  The less in real assets pledged, the higher the risk and the rate.  One might witness the financial crisis of 2007-2009 revolved around the value of equity on the homes of Americans.  Once values quit inflating, the debt that could be reasonably attached to this collateral began to shrink.  If one examines the value of housing in the country and the amount of debt against such value, they will realize the shelter in which most people live is fully hocked to the system.  This is one reason the recovery has been so poor. 

Currencies are bank paper.  Forget the countries in which they are accepted in trade.  They have nothing to do with the governments of the countries they are attached.  Greece could leave the EU and still use Euros in trade, if they wished.  In fact, they would probably need Euros to carry on proper trade, as long as the Euro maintained value.  I see this possibility, even if the EU dissolves.  As long as the banks use the unit, make loans in the units and collect debts in the unit, the name makes no difference.  Most times, one has no problem spending dollars, wherever they go in the world, mainly because the dollar is superior to the unit used in the country.  I have never had a dollar refused in Mexico, a country that has been ravaged by inflation to the point that it now takes 20,000 old pesos to buy a dollar worth about 10 cents, 1964, a time when the exchange rate was 8 to 1.  Thus the Mexican people have seen the real value of their money go from 8 to 1 to 200,000 to 1, inflation sufficient enough to make a million dollars relatively worth about $40. 

If you can put this discussion together, you can understand why they want to break down borders and apply the debt universally.  Banks cannot pay their liabilities.  They have never been able to pay their liabilities, as they have never had the money on deposit to make a single loan over and above their deposits.  The system has been based on legislative fraud from the beginning.  Trade financed in deficit can only be paid with more credit, whereas the funds for repayment of such credit does not exist.  In this form, if allowed to remain for a century, as it has, allows for a small group to gain control of all the equity on Earth.  This is why the top .01% of the populations around the world have had all the gains and if the system came apart, why they would have all the losses.  They would have to liquidate to pay their liabilities. 

This same small group controls the boards of directors of the major corporations around the world.  Thus, it would be to their advantage to control the international regulations and to continue to set competitors at a disadvantage.  No borders would remove international debt problems and allow them to apply the bad debts to others.  No currency in circulation would resolve the banks from ever performing on a liability, as there could be no liability removed from the system.  Thus we would all have to pay.  Growth would be limited to the potential for consumption of the products produced by these international companies and of course, debt interest being extracted from others would require more and more deficit spending by governments around the world, as the means to pay would not exist for the population at large. 

I liken the debt system employed around the world to the story in Genesis, where the people of Israel became imprisoned in bondage in Egypt.  The story goes that Pharaoh gathered up the money and the people had to hock their cattle, their land and themselves to survive.  After the crisis, Pharaoh gave them back their land, their cattle and their lives in return for 20% of what they made.  Looks familiar doesn't it?  The gathering up of gold into the Fed in 1913, the income tax and the Great Depression?

Is it any wonder why Trump may provide such a threat to these people that they fabricate all kinds of lies and movements against him?  I took a look and only the Secretary of Education is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  It is unheard of for a CIA director, a Secretary of Defense and the Treasury Secretary to not be members.  The only Clinton not listed as a member is Hillary, only because she was out due to political reasons.  Chelsea is a member.  Who the hell is she?  A look at the donors of the Priorities USA PAC, a Soros creation to allow Hillary to illegal fund raise for the election, provides a list of members in their donations. 

If Trump holds true and he isn't murdered, we are going to see a new plan for America.  If I were Trump, I would cancel all debts, foreign and domestic, in the US dollar and replace it and the Federal Reserve with gold.  I don't believe we will be able to reset this game without taking such drastic actions.  There would surely have to be a plan of equity, but the system cannot be held in international bondage, created by endowing a small group the power to make the money in circulation and regulate the value of said money, together with providing protection for the scheme to remain intact.  The scheme is falling apart and it is unjustly bringing all property in the world into the hands of the few that have access to the credit finance scheme.  Hardship would follow, but prosperity would return to the public at large.  Maybe the price exchange of gold would be $1 million an ounce.  Who cares, as it is all relative and the market would establish a value in real terms relatively soon. 

To understand the international game, one must understand international finance and the paper money scheme.  This is where it originated and it is where it will either end or we will find ourselves in permanent bondage.  The big players will still have their property, but they won't be able to finance their revolutions around the world and dilute the rights of the American people.  Banks will be required to operate without deposit insurance and they will return to their basic purpose, to finance short term paper for short term projects.  Men like George Soros will lose their capacity to manipulate markets and draw billions to make a mess of the American system.  Arbitrage and speculation will lose its purpose.  Electronic money will go away and true charity will determine welfare, as it always did prior to the imposition of this scheme on the United States. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump's Biggest Challenge

The election of Donald Trump is totally contrary to what is being perceived by his detractors.  For one, it was the strategy of the underground establishment to not only select, but demonize whomever was nominated to run against Hillary Clinton, the one chosen nearly 30 years ago.  WikiLeaks releases, of hacked John Podesta emails, have shown the level of corruption and manipulation that went on behind the scenes.  Efforts to initiate strategies to demonize the opponent as a racist, a xenophobe, a hater of women and a neo-Nazi have stained Trump, to the point that his real history is lost, while the fiction has caused some to think it is the end of the world that he was elected and the election was stolen.  At the same time, the press and strategy was to steer the public away from the various scandals with which Clinton was involved.  That news would border on Treason and clearly on charges that could make her holding the Presidency against the law.  Clinton fabricated charges against Trump and managed the news.  In any case, as time passes the perception of Trump will change and those in the streets will either be seen for what they are or see the error in their ways. 

That said, Trump's biggest problem isn't popularity.  Trump pretty much defined it in one of the debates when he said, we have a bubble, a false prosperity built on excessive credit.  Breaking bubbles spread bankruptcy throughout the economy, liquidate excessive capacity, debt and labor and almost always make whomever is in office or power, extremely unpopular.  They take on a life of their own, as they expose financial weakness  that was heretofore hidden.  The last one was the over inflation of the housing markets and the stock market, along with the underlying securities and monetary structure of such financing.  Confidence was lost to the point that day to day financing of such holdings dissolved into thin air.  The $700 billion TARP rescue was merely the tip of the iceberg, as trillions of costs were hidden under government guarantees and Federal Reserve inflation. 

Doug Noland, of Credit Bubble Bulletin  named the rescue, the government finance bubble.  In short, no one has given more coverage to the brewing financial situation since 2000, than Doug.  He saw the mortgage finance bubble and how it fed into the stock market, back in the 1990's.  His post, titled Franklin Raines, Director of Central Planning, October 21, 2001 was expose on what was to come (you can read this classic post by searching the link on Doug's page).  I suspect we will see the fulfillment of the next break in the area of government finance. 

There is no place that government bubble finance is any stronger than China.  China was a bubble going into the financial crisis of 2008, but still had fuel for the fire.   What followed is the greatest bubble of finance in history.  China already had empty cities and has built more.  The most phenomenal statistic has been their use of concrete, which I understood was greater in the combined years 2011-2013 than the consumption of concrete in the USA for the entire 20th century.  With the use of concrete, there is a parallel use of steel, as rebar.  Steel capacity in China is double demand and the excess is such they can flood the world with export and the entire mining industry around the world depends on this continued demand.  Funny finance has permeated the economy and evergreen loans, where bad debt is covered up with more bad debt are massive.  More so than anyone can know.  Shadow banking has run wild.. 

The result is an overbuilt economy, based on the printing of money, backed by US Treasuries.  This cycle of vendor financing, debt recycling, was behind the bubble of the Great Depression.  Bankrupts financing bankrupts. Rather than merely let the yuan appreciate, China creates a corresponding amount of Chinese funds on the back of these holdings.  Fears of them dumping our bonds are overblown, as the real fear is that capital flight will necessitate the sale to acquire dollars.  A lack of this backing could cause the hyperinflation that has taken place to reveal itself in a collapse of one or both currencies. 

In Europe, the problem is worse.  European banks were not bailed out during the financial crisis as they were in the US.  There are no less than 3 and probably 5 governments in Europe that are totally broke, Greece being the worst case.  This insolvency has been covered up to this time.  The corresponding flow of funds between national central banks is out of balance and cannot be solved, without another bailout.  The social insurance system in Europe is for all practical purposes, existing on a wish.  The risk of financial crisis in Europe is high.  An event will be blamed, but the weak link isn't any more the cause than the weakness of the entire structure. 

Low American interest rates have led to a massive amount of emerging market borrowing in dollars.   The value of currencies is beyond most people.  The primary need for dollars around the world is to cover dollar denominated debts.  Many of these countries are based on rapidly growing manufacturing bases or mining to feed the growth in China and other areas.  Capacity was expanded to serve the overinvestment in these growing areas and demand hasn't kept up with the bubble.  Hot money moves in and out and when it moves out, an imbalance is created and the currencies move in one extreme or the other.  Brazil has seen such a problem as the boom a few years ago attracted hundreds of billions that suddenly wanted out on the bust. 

The financial system is built on counterparties.  The borrower and the depositor are counter parties and the bankers that create such transactions are counter parties to both.  Credit is money that doesn't exist except in the solvency of the parties on either side of the bankers balance sheet.  Your deposit in the bank is called a credit, a liability of the bank, because that is what it is, credit against their assets.  There is no money involved, only liquidity and solvency. 

A wide valley has developed between the bubble economies and those that cannot benefit as well in such a system.  The US election showed the fallacy of bubbles in various stages, in that sans California, the Washington DC area, the NE financial economy states and Chicago, the election was a massive Trump landslide.  This is what 2016 was about, the battle between financial interests and the localities that benefitted from the credit bubble and the rest of the nation.  This is more than a system of outdated industries, ruining lives as they are liquidated, but a system where well placed people actually benefit from the liquidation, the free credit and the covering of risk by the government in general.

The term millionaire was coined in the John Law, Mississippi Bubble around 1720, as people close to finance got filthy rich, on a temporary basis, through the creation of a paper money scheme.  The scheme was such that it was adopted in London as well, the South Seas Bubble.  The bursting of these bubbles brought hardship on both countries followed by years of war between them. 

It isn't by chance that the billionaire class has become so broad.  We are seeing the same influence.  Money inflation creates speculation, in lieu of investment.  It distorts economies and unjustly enriches a few, many of which later go bust, as the illusion of wealth was just that in the first place.  We are told inflation is low, but it is high, showing up in asset prices rather than consumer prices.  The demand isn't there to satisfy the artificial investment that has happened through ultra low interest rates on flexible paper debt.  Government debts keep this game afloat and this debt is bought and sold repeatedly to finance otherwise phony schemes.  This is much the basis of the hundreds of trillions of derivatives around the world.  It is the primary reason you get next to zero on your money in the bank.

The world is printing money to cover up insolvency.  The pool of Federal Reserve money has grown by over 400% since Obama became President.  This money has financed consumption up front, but it has financed speculation on the back side.  The adjustment of prices of everything to reorder things has not been allowed to occur.  It is important to see who benefits from printing money and who suffers, as assumed prosperity isn't easy to measure in inflationary terms.  A revealing book was written around the turn of the 19th century by a man named Andrew Dickson White, titled Fiat Money Inflation in France.  It is worth a read, as it is short and concise. 

One thing I learned from the above posted book was the devastation of inflation on the middle class, the economy at large and the total ruin of the poor.  It become habit and excessive inflation was behind the Great Depression.  Governments really have no solution other than to postpone the inevitable.  Thus, the pile of crap from 2008 was merely shoved forward to today.  There is no real rebound in the economy to provide prosperity to the population at large, because the debts weren't resolved, only hidden.  One only need look at the meek rebound in housing starts and home ownership to see how poor the situation really is.  This cannot be seen in bubble lands, NYC, DC and California.  The rest of the nation is suffering under the solution to the problems that have kept the players and states of CA, NY and DC afloat.  New schemes have been added to such, in more money from around the nation and the world.  There will be little prosperity until this bubble is resolved.  Resolution will bankrupt many wealthy players and this is part of the reason  Trump couldn't win, though he did.  He won because the rest of the nation never recovered and what recovery there was for many was the replacement of a good job with a job at Wal-Mart. 

There is no doubt the bubble will break. For the third time in less than 20 years, California will have a government finance crisis.  This is because the phony bubble tech stocks that have made so many Californian rich will seek their true level and deprive the overburdening government of its free cash flow.  The magic that appeared under Jerry Brown, as the bubble reflated, will be seen as another round of witchcraft.  They will cry for a bailout.  Hopefully Trump gives them the middle finger and the Obama/Clinton lovers will have to reach into their dwindling pockets or cut their socialism.  The suckers that bought such inflated assets will again swear they will never do it again and a few of the scheme artists on Wall Street and Silicon Valley will get away with some money.  Others will find themselves broke and in some cases, faced with securities fraud.  Facebook, which trades at roughly the value of Exxon, will be re-priced, like Yahoo was last decade.  The bubble leaders in 2000 have never recovered.  Neither have many of their bag holders.

Will the entire economy freeze up this time?  Who know.  What will occur is a slowdown due to the long cycle mal-investment investments that are made during bubbles.  Just like the steel and concrete industries in China, the down line investment in mines and factories to build factories will cease.  Credit fueled bubbles are never funded entirely by real savings and the margin is that difference.  The 2000's were based on equity extracted from housing, used to continue consumer spending.  What was left for many was little or no equity and a mortgage balance that wouldn't be liquidated in a sale.  Such are bubbles. 

The biggest bubble in the US may be in the corporate finance area, where money has been borrowed, not for expansion, but for partial liquidations of the corporations themselves.  Many of these bonds are of the junk variety.  These partial liquidations are better known as stock buybacks.  Money that should have gone into the US economy directly, went into the pockets of speculators and management.  This money isn't invested, it is often used to buy existing assets.  This creates more inflation in the markets.  The wealth effect goes away when bubbles burst.  What a catch 22 we have been given. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump-Stronger Together

The missing point in the Trump election is likely to be the campaign slogan of the Hillary Clinton campaign, Stronger Together.  The point Trump made, which was rejected by others and embraced by his supporters, was this is the USA and we are Americans.  We take care of Americans first and that includes us all.  It doesn't include taking in millions of people from outside the country.  It doesn't include fighting a war on terror and then making the same mistake made here and abroad of letting the terrorists into the country.  Also, we don't import semi-skilled and unskilled labor, pay their medical bills and have the living standards of Americans depleted as a result.  He who is not with us is against us.

I am going to make this point before I go forward.  I have Mexican immigrants do work for me from time to time.  I don't hire people who can't speak English, as I don't speak Spanish.  I watch them work and they work hard and are assets to the community.  I can't say that for most white people I know.  That said, I believe Trump speaks for many of them as well as natural born Americans. 

But, we have 90 million working age people in the US who are not employed, or at least don't admit to being employed.  Some are in school, some are disabled.  Some have been out of work so long they have lost touch with how to do their jobs.  Others are drawing money on some government program, because it pays better than the pay at some job they can get.  Much of this is due to the dilution of the labor force in America.  Those working, have their pay held down by the fact there is always another to take their job.  It doesn't pay to improve productivity when labor is so plentiful and so cheap.  This is what raises the standard of living.  Those that suffer this fate are just as much Hispanic or African American, as they are white.  They are in small towns and in cities.  Many jobs that paid a living wage 30 years ago, pay a bare subsistence wage today.  We don't need more unskilled labor. 

The same holds true for the massive importation of Indian computer labor, as millions of Americans have spent years in school learning the trade.  California tech firms lobby to keep the doors open to these people, not because they can't find help, but because they can pay less to someone who comes from a third world country.  Plus, as was pointed out to me, these foreigners don't come with the huge student loan debt that comes from an inflated education system. 

That said, I am trying to eliminate much of what has been used against Trump to brand him as a racist.  Also, the anti-woman issue needs to be addressed as well.  Trump put a woman over the construction of Trump Tower, which was built in the late 1970's.  She was one of the first to hold such a position in what had been a totally male business.  He was ahead of his time.  I can also say that former Dallas Cowboy Hershel Walker played for Trump in the USFL and I recall he idolized him.  The same holds true for Mike Tyson.  One was a saint, one a villain.  Both were champions and both were black.  I know there are plenty of other stories.  We hear about the exceptions, especially when the aim of the opposition is to demonize the man. 

If we can put this nonsense out of the way, maybe America can get on the same page.  The same page is to end gridlock in the national government, solve our problems, preserve our rights as individuals and get going forward.  For you TV watchers, who do next to nothing and only imagine how to get things done, this part of Trump might elude you.  People who have never done anything don't understand people that do.  Most politicians have done nothing but figure out how to win one election after another.  Americans under 35 have had the idea of winning diminished in their lives.  Who does anything without a goal?  If the goal in little league was to get a trophy, you got one regardless of achievement or not.  Losing is hard, but losing is part of living and if you care, it is painful.  Losers in life get eaten and quite often never learn the team work it takes to be a winner. 

One had to listen to Trump for awhile to really understand what he was about.  He knew people had problems and regardless of whether it was politically correct or not, he knew what was making these problems worse.  If one has rats, they can kill them, but it would be wise to not leave the door open for more.  If we have a surplus of unskilled labor or unemployed skilled labor, why open the door for more?  The working people of the United States, not the government, pays for this in the end.  To point out the source of the problem is not racism or divisive.  It is fact. 

But, what Trump was really talking about was solving problems.  Most good ideas are simple.  Putting them into action takes decision.  Most of the time, it doesn't take a bureaucrat to study the problem for 15 years and then hire 500 more bureaucrats to push paper and regulations.  Trump mentioned infrastructure and he mentioned things that I haven't heard in the past, like replacing old hospitals, upgrading airports and the such.  He talked about getting the inner cities moving.  For most of the intellectuals, they don't have a clue what he means when speaking of neighborhoods with run down roads and no services.  Trump knows urban development and has been pretty successful at it.  Listen to his victory speech and take note. 

More than anything, he talks of winning and how the USA doesn't win any more.  This is not some guy who has done nothing.  Doing the projects he has done, is as complicated or more so than being President.  These are long process contracts, not I'm going to build a building and it happens.  The hardships Trump went through in the late 1980's through the mid 1990's are things that temper a person.  The hardships of most politicians involve campaigning and maybe losing an election at some point.  Other people pay the price.  He pulled off the impossible, getting elected, overcoming a rigged system, which I will write on in the next month.  The price of losing is high.

So, if you are anti-Trump, get over it.  This is politics and what you hear and use against someone in politics is part of the stage act.  What you can't put in a stage act is the will and determination of a man, one who is sacrificing his retirement years to do something for the country.  He isn't Adolph Hitler, as presented.  What is he?  Someone who can break the gridlock in DC.

Ronald Reagan was demonized, but Reagan did something, even though he had a reputation of taking naps and delegating a lot of authority.  One thing he did was come to some consensus, as the Republicans never controlled the House of Representatives at any time in his tenure.  Reagan had been a Democrat at some point and left the party, because it moved too far left.  Trump is also regarded as a former Democrat and I believe the Democrats will embrace a lot of what he wants to do.  They have to, or the Republican party will take their base and expose the National Democratic Party for what they are, the party of the rich and famous.  They are no longer the party that offers the average American a way up the standard of living ladder.  People aren't stupid and they will shed their labels and get onto something that works.  Trump didn't show up in DC to expel Mexicans and block Muslims from coming into the country.  He came there to remove barriers to success.

In that vein, I sense in a short time, we will find ourselves stronger together.  Trump isn't an ideologue.  He comes without much debt to others and his constituents are the deplorable's, who are really everyday average working Americans who are tired of being soaked and ignored by DC.  Working Americans pay for all the free stuff, directly or indirectly.  If you don't work, you are enslaving these people and they have reached a point they know it.  Those that realize this will join Trump.  Those that want a free ride, a pat on the back for failure and those that need a shoulder to cry on will probably continue to vote for the enemy. 

America use to have 2 party's for the working people.  One was seen to represent a higher class of people than the other.  Interestingly, the party's shifted sides.  The blood suckers are now on the side of the Democrats, whether they be the compound interest fractional reserve bankers, the leveraged hedge funds, the arms dealers or others.  They preach a utopia, but the utopia they preach will lead to death, destruction, starvation and a total breakdown of society.  There won't be much kinder, gentler when starvation sets in.  We are headed for collapse and chaos, should we not turn back.  I would rather have my feelings hurt, which I must admit I am pretty sensitive, than to go hungry.  There is nothing free in government and there is no choice as to what it costs. 

The only way Trump fails, is if one side or the other refuses to go along.  And, going along doesn't mean putting all kinds of nonsense into the programs.  Getting the cities operating and modernized is a lot more important than the social engineering that is lulling young Americans to sleep.  At the same time, civil productive people of any race or religion need not find the going rough with their fellows.  Blaming someone for intolerance, is to some extent intolerance itself.  Lets not make crime out of every day life.  Accept that people are naturally the way they are and usually see the error of their ways.  That has been my experience. 

I am looking forward to the next 4 years.  There is a lot to change, like getting the nonsense out of schools.  The elite have basically brainwashed the masses in public education, under the guise of political correctness.  In the meantime, they have stolen the livelihood of these same people.  They are coming out of school today, mentally disabled to the point that I have read 70% of them are not eligible to join the armed services.  That represents a national crisis.  We have had a steady 8 years of this nonsense and where are we?  The choice between a crook, who represents the status quo and a rough talking man who has achieved his entire life shouldn't be a hard choice.  It isn't by chance that the losing crooks backers are creating havoc.  They don't realize progress has its price.  Trump has the capacity to unite the country, given a chance, as it has never been united in peace time history.  Give him the chance.