Friday, June 2, 2017

And the International Swamp Screams

Politicians are like kids in a first grade classroom, except worse.  When something that affects them negatively, like more homework or no Halloween candy, you hear a collective moan.  Never has there been a more universal moan out of so broad a group of political class members, in my lifetime.  A huge pile of goodies were taken away.

For the naïve and uninitiated, the typical politician couldn't care if you fell over dead in the street, unless you were a personal friend, donor or they could make political hay out of your death.  They don't mind starting wars, murdering people or any kind of mayhem, as long as it puts money in their pockets, adds to their power or buys them more votes to use to peddle more influence.  There might be 10% of them not in that class, usually 1 termers.  Pull the name of a multi-term Congressman out of the hat and you have a sure bet you found one of this type.  Find one that has clawed their way up the political ladder and you find a top Swamper, a virtual Al Capone.  Statesmen were from a different era and, in fact, few and far between.  Crooks populated the first Congress and it has been that way ever since. 

The Paris Accord was going to be a source of trillions of dollars for the Swampers, over the next couple of decades.  The lobbyists were going to propose the laws, the politicians pass them and the executive branch write the regulations.  As usual, these laws and regulations were not going to be for we the people, but for those already in line with their own plans.  A million dollars or so, well placed would put the main crooks in the drivers seat.

There isn't much the Accord would do to change the weather, quite likely nothing.  At best, it would force China and India to start cleaning up in a couple of decades.  The only thing we could count on is the middle class and poor, in the United States, would foot the bulk of the bill and Swampers, especially those close to the Democratic National Committee, would reap billions.  More would have to be paid by fewer people, because the real economy would suffer.

The idea global warming regulations would be good for the economy goes hand in hand with the broken window theory and the idea of war being good.  What they are good for is a few well placed businessmen and bankers.  War production is blown up and the enriched worker ends up getting the bill, in the end.  The broken window theory, aka storm damage and other catastrophes merely replaces what has been destroyed.  When a window is broken, society loses the use of a window.  When a house is blown away, a house is lost.  Getting sick also generates a lot of money for someone, but the productivity of the patient is lost. 

Contrary to the story, there is plenty of evidence against the politically presented story of climate change.  You might note that any time something out of the day to day ordinary happens in weather, they blame climate change.  A Dallas County Judge today blamed climate change for floods we had in 2015.  That might work for the masses and kids that have not been here long, as this is a fast growing area, but over the past 50 years, I have seen plenty of floods, some of which would have been significantly worse, had there been as much concrete then as there is now.  Not climate change.  Sometimes, it just rains a hell of a lot at once here.  Sometimes we have droughts.  Some are worse than others.  We had a dust bowl in the 1930's, when there wasn't much fossil fuel use. 

If you have been watching the idiot box and listening to the power and money hungry political class for the last 15 years, you might do your own research.  Those opposed to the fake data theory, which is actually how the prevailing science has been proven up, are substantial and very significant scientists.  You might note that Exxon Mobil is in favor of the climate pact, so there goes the charge that these guys are paid by the oil industry, which is an often used way to stain the reputation of a denier.  In any case, plug into the many videos on YouTube that cover the real science and you will find the most likely causes of climate change, which has been in force for 4 billion years now, are solar cycles and sunspots.

The climate is going to change, if man goes away.  One thing for certain is the fascist governments around the world are going to be able to do absolutely nothing about the sun.  But, that doesn't stop them from attempting to sell us on the idea that CO2 is pollution.  It isn't pollution, but instead the gas that supports plants and is respired from the life actions of all animals and humans.  Another thing for certain is that politicians and their cronies, which we are likely not in the group, are going to tax us, control us and lower our standard of living to their benefit.  This is why they are all screaming in unison.  It is the ultimate in worldwide socialist, communist and fascist control of the populace, the standard of living and the corruption that comes along with it. 

In closing, the one thing we must hope is that the trend in temperature is sideways or up.  Cooler temperature would be a disaster for the world, with lower crop yields and all the other problems that come with cold.  Some more CO2 would boost the growth of crops and trees.  Modern history hasn't shown the idea that the oceans are going to rise and flood the world, as we had a warmer period 1000 years ago and I don't see much evidence London England and Manhattan Island were under water at the time.  There is evidence out there that man lived, mined and farmed on areas now covered by ice.  2 things are certain, death and taxes.  Taxes are the fuel for the political class, in control and goodies to pass around.  The people that work for a living that don't work for the government, those who live by economic means instead of political means, pay all that is paid. 

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