Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump-Stronger Together

The missing point in the Trump election is likely to be the campaign slogan of the Hillary Clinton campaign, Stronger Together.  The point Trump made, which was rejected by others and embraced by his supporters, was this is the USA and we are Americans.  We take care of Americans first and that includes us all.  It doesn't include taking in millions of people from outside the country.  It doesn't include fighting a war on terror and then making the same mistake made here and abroad of letting the terrorists into the country.  Also, we don't import semi-skilled and unskilled labor, pay their medical bills and have the living standards of Americans depleted as a result.  He who is not with us is against us.

I am going to make this point before I go forward.  I have Mexican immigrants do work for me from time to time.  I don't hire people who can't speak English, as I don't speak Spanish.  I watch them work and they work hard and are assets to the community.  I can't say that for most white people I know.  That said, I believe Trump speaks for many of them as well as natural born Americans. 

But, we have 90 million working age people in the US who are not employed, or at least don't admit to being employed.  Some are in school, some are disabled.  Some have been out of work so long they have lost touch with how to do their jobs.  Others are drawing money on some government program, because it pays better than the pay at some job they can get.  Much of this is due to the dilution of the labor force in America.  Those working, have their pay held down by the fact there is always another to take their job.  It doesn't pay to improve productivity when labor is so plentiful and so cheap.  This is what raises the standard of living.  Those that suffer this fate are just as much Hispanic or African American, as they are white.  They are in small towns and in cities.  Many jobs that paid a living wage 30 years ago, pay a bare subsistence wage today.  We don't need more unskilled labor. 

The same holds true for the massive importation of Indian computer labor, as millions of Americans have spent years in school learning the trade.  California tech firms lobby to keep the doors open to these people, not because they can't find help, but because they can pay less to someone who comes from a third world country.  Plus, as was pointed out to me, these foreigners don't come with the huge student loan debt that comes from an inflated education system. 

That said, I am trying to eliminate much of what has been used against Trump to brand him as a racist.  Also, the anti-woman issue needs to be addressed as well.  Trump put a woman over the construction of Trump Tower, which was built in the late 1970's.  She was one of the first to hold such a position in what had been a totally male business.  He was ahead of his time.  I can also say that former Dallas Cowboy Hershel Walker played for Trump in the USFL and I recall he idolized him.  The same holds true for Mike Tyson.  One was a saint, one a villain.  Both were champions and both were black.  I know there are plenty of other stories.  We hear about the exceptions, especially when the aim of the opposition is to demonize the man. 

If we can put this nonsense out of the way, maybe America can get on the same page.  The same page is to end gridlock in the national government, solve our problems, preserve our rights as individuals and get going forward.  For you TV watchers, who do next to nothing and only imagine how to get things done, this part of Trump might elude you.  People who have never done anything don't understand people that do.  Most politicians have done nothing but figure out how to win one election after another.  Americans under 35 have had the idea of winning diminished in their lives.  Who does anything without a goal?  If the goal in little league was to get a trophy, you got one regardless of achievement or not.  Losing is hard, but losing is part of living and if you care, it is painful.  Losers in life get eaten and quite often never learn the team work it takes to be a winner. 

One had to listen to Trump for awhile to really understand what he was about.  He knew people had problems and regardless of whether it was politically correct or not, he knew what was making these problems worse.  If one has rats, they can kill them, but it would be wise to not leave the door open for more.  If we have a surplus of unskilled labor or unemployed skilled labor, why open the door for more?  The working people of the United States, not the government, pays for this in the end.  To point out the source of the problem is not racism or divisive.  It is fact. 

But, what Trump was really talking about was solving problems.  Most good ideas are simple.  Putting them into action takes decision.  Most of the time, it doesn't take a bureaucrat to study the problem for 15 years and then hire 500 more bureaucrats to push paper and regulations.  Trump mentioned infrastructure and he mentioned things that I haven't heard in the past, like replacing old hospitals, upgrading airports and the such.  He talked about getting the inner cities moving.  For most of the intellectuals, they don't have a clue what he means when speaking of neighborhoods with run down roads and no services.  Trump knows urban development and has been pretty successful at it.  Listen to his victory speech and take note. 

More than anything, he talks of winning and how the USA doesn't win any more.  This is not some guy who has done nothing.  Doing the projects he has done, is as complicated or more so than being President.  These are long process contracts, not I'm going to build a building and it happens.  The hardships Trump went through in the late 1980's through the mid 1990's are things that temper a person.  The hardships of most politicians involve campaigning and maybe losing an election at some point.  Other people pay the price.  He pulled off the impossible, getting elected, overcoming a rigged system, which I will write on in the next month.  The price of losing is high.

So, if you are anti-Trump, get over it.  This is politics and what you hear and use against someone in politics is part of the stage act.  What you can't put in a stage act is the will and determination of a man, one who is sacrificing his retirement years to do something for the country.  He isn't Adolph Hitler, as presented.  What is he?  Someone who can break the gridlock in DC.

Ronald Reagan was demonized, but Reagan did something, even though he had a reputation of taking naps and delegating a lot of authority.  One thing he did was come to some consensus, as the Republicans never controlled the House of Representatives at any time in his tenure.  Reagan had been a Democrat at some point and left the party, because it moved too far left.  Trump is also regarded as a former Democrat and I believe the Democrats will embrace a lot of what he wants to do.  They have to, or the Republican party will take their base and expose the National Democratic Party for what they are, the party of the rich and famous.  They are no longer the party that offers the average American a way up the standard of living ladder.  People aren't stupid and they will shed their labels and get onto something that works.  Trump didn't show up in DC to expel Mexicans and block Muslims from coming into the country.  He came there to remove barriers to success.

In that vein, I sense in a short time, we will find ourselves stronger together.  Trump isn't an ideologue.  He comes without much debt to others and his constituents are the deplorable's, who are really everyday average working Americans who are tired of being soaked and ignored by DC.  Working Americans pay for all the free stuff, directly or indirectly.  If you don't work, you are enslaving these people and they have reached a point they know it.  Those that realize this will join Trump.  Those that want a free ride, a pat on the back for failure and those that need a shoulder to cry on will probably continue to vote for the enemy. 

America use to have 2 party's for the working people.  One was seen to represent a higher class of people than the other.  Interestingly, the party's shifted sides.  The blood suckers are now on the side of the Democrats, whether they be the compound interest fractional reserve bankers, the leveraged hedge funds, the arms dealers or others.  They preach a utopia, but the utopia they preach will lead to death, destruction, starvation and a total breakdown of society.  There won't be much kinder, gentler when starvation sets in.  We are headed for collapse and chaos, should we not turn back.  I would rather have my feelings hurt, which I must admit I am pretty sensitive, than to go hungry.  There is nothing free in government and there is no choice as to what it costs. 

The only way Trump fails, is if one side or the other refuses to go along.  And, going along doesn't mean putting all kinds of nonsense into the programs.  Getting the cities operating and modernized is a lot more important than the social engineering that is lulling young Americans to sleep.  At the same time, civil productive people of any race or religion need not find the going rough with their fellows.  Blaming someone for intolerance, is to some extent intolerance itself.  Lets not make crime out of every day life.  Accept that people are naturally the way they are and usually see the error of their ways.  That has been my experience. 

I am looking forward to the next 4 years.  There is a lot to change, like getting the nonsense out of schools.  The elite have basically brainwashed the masses in public education, under the guise of political correctness.  In the meantime, they have stolen the livelihood of these same people.  They are coming out of school today, mentally disabled to the point that I have read 70% of them are not eligible to join the armed services.  That represents a national crisis.  We have had a steady 8 years of this nonsense and where are we?  The choice between a crook, who represents the status quo and a rough talking man who has achieved his entire life shouldn't be a hard choice.  It isn't by chance that the losing crooks backers are creating havoc.  They don't realize progress has its price.  Trump has the capacity to unite the country, given a chance, as it has never been united in peace time history.  Give him the chance. 

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