Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Department of Injustice

Lately, it is becoming more than apparent that the Attorney General's office and the Department of Justice has become a destructive barrier to maintaining a Republic.  WikiLeaks has provided ammunition to make the statements with some certainty that would have only been hollow speculation based on observation.  If not for the leaks and a pervert named Weiner, with connections to the former President and his candidate wife, a lot of things wouldn't have come to light. 

First of all, the centralization of power in the President of the United States has gone way beyond what was intended.  At best, the President was to be Commander in Chief of the Armed services, controlled by Congressional willingness to declare war and to fund it.  Actions taken over the past 110 years or so, has changed this situation, to the point the President now has to be controlled, lest we become a Constitutional dictatorship.  He or her ability to operate independently of the rest of the country has to be reined in.

The first action that must be taken is to remove the investigative portions of Government from the hands of the executive.  Crime, not on the streets, but in the political arena and the white collar sections of America and on an international basis, has destroyed the American middle class.  There is a large section of corruption that goes totally uninvestigated and when it is clear it should be investigated, they send their blind pigs to find nothing.  The Clintons are just the tip of the iceberg.  What about Wall Street, with its published emails indicating they knew they were selling dog crap as AAA debt.  I think they called it other names, like toxic waste.  They blew up the western banking systems, but they were literally untouched by the fraud they put on the rest of us. 

We have had plenty of IRS scandals.  Who can make ones life more miserable than the IRS? A few people, but history has shown they have harassed people out of favor with the current administration, past and present.  This type of accommodation of justice and criminal investigation cannot continue to occur.  It punishes enemies and common people and runs cover for those in favor of the government.  A Republic cannot stand when the criminals have such power at their disposal. 

For one, the prosecution and the investigators cannot continue to be controlled in the same agency.  This also holds true of the grand juries, which must be independent of control by either party.  Grand juries need to have power of their own, not to be rubber stamps of either investigators or prosecutors.  This can only result in long term injustice and a concentration of power in the hands of a ruling class that leaves the rest of the country devoid of justice. 

Through WikiLeaks and the releases of the data compiled on the Clinton email investigation showed the man in charge of the investigation was tainted, even if he was fair.  A Clinton crony gave his wife, who was running for a state office, a sizable percentage of her campaign war chest.  The man may have been fair, but there was a political cloud all the same. 

The current investigation is even under a deeper cloud.  The Justice Department man is in deep with the Clinton organization, so deep that his positioning in his job, cannot be a mere accident.  The Justice Department reeks of a protection racket run by the current administration, putting the rule of law as a tenet at risk.  This is clear when I look at the email case where there was clear perjury, clear negligence and clear violation of national security laws, yet insufficient evidence, because intent couldn't be proved.  Ask the next drunk driver who finds themselves in a fatal accident, if they intended to kill someone.  In all cases, they would honestly answer no.  I'm not so certain Hillary Clinton could give an honest answer, if you asked her name.  Yet, she was given a green light to run for President. 

This brings to mind the rigging of the Presidential elections I have witnessed over the past 28 years or so.  I won't go into the rigging, except to say that the quality of the candidates have been doubtful.  How any party could be brash enough to basically rig a nomination for someone whose potential criminality was so apparent, is beyond me.  It clearly smells rotten in Denmark, as they use to say.  It was clear the fix was in on any potential charges.  WikiLeaks provides evidence of such an opinion.  At the same time, they are throwing Generals in jail over violations a fraction of Hillary's.  It is clear they had the Justice Department in line for a go.  Hillary could have shown up with the smoking gun and the Attorney General Lynch would have declared it a suicide.

In the meantime, such a candidate is free to make up all kinds of lies on their opponent.  Whether Trump is guilty of any or all of what has been charged is beside the point.  The point is, there was no smoke on Trump other than some brash statements in the past.  No plaintiff had ever come forward or told anyone.  Not to worry, Hillary has a long history of making victims out of women, sometimes double.  Lying is her business.  If she had the investigation and prosecution under her thumb, who would oppose her?

The law has to find its way to another master, than the administration in power.  This is whether it is Democratic or Republican.  I have seen the tampering over the past 8 years.  Obama received a fortune in money out of Wall Street in 2008.  In return, nothing was done to the investment banking industry on a criminal basis.  Yeah, a few scam artists were prosecuted, but not the investment banking officers themselves.  There were plenty of Bernie Madoffs. 

I suggest the FBI and the Justice Department be taken from the executive branch.  In any case, we are mingling branches of government and putting too much power in one party's hands.  WikiLeaks has shown conflicts of interest in every direction.  Congress should have oversight and maybe appointment power.  Candidates should have very weak party connections at best.  Political operatives in such a position of power is counter to freedom of society over a long term.

Not only does power need to be decentralized in the US, as we are seeing the results of centralized power, but the power of the Presidency should be greatly diminished.  This is why we have gridlock.  It is either gridlock or tyranny.  There would be immediate improvement in the standard of living, if political power in DC was cut in half.  There is no free lunch.  There is little freedom in a totalitarian society and we aren't far away today, when you look at the administration of justice. 

In closing, would a Clinton Justice department do any better job of investigating Hillary?  I think it would be scary.  Look at what she is doing to Trump.  Look what she likely did to Julian Assange.  The same type charges.  Look at the sudden appearance of Trump raping a child, tied in with Jeffrey Epstein, when in fact rumors are circulating that Hillary and company are tied in with the same man.  Look at the charges of Trump being with the Russians.  The last time such charges were in vogue, Joseph McCarty was at his peak.  But, McCarthy had some basis in fact.  Hillary's charges are pie in the sky.  Think you want this woman running justice in America.  We are damn close.  I vote we take it away from all Presidents, as evidence is clear that power corrupts. 

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