Thursday, October 13, 2016

Right Wing Conspiracy

There are really only 3 types of societies in the world, tribalism, socialism and classical liberalism.  Classical liberalism is not to be confused with what they call liberal in the US and around  the world, but instead a system of free enterprise, minimal government intrusion, little or no redistribution of wealth. 

Tribalism is what you make of it.  It could be socialistic or classical liberal.  Socialism is another animal.  There are 2 general types of socialism, communism on the left and Fabian socialism on the right.  Fabian socialism either is or is closely aligned with fascism.  Fascism is national socialism, the kind preached by Obama and for the most part, both parties of the US government.  One party merely wants to go faster toward state ownership of much of the means of production and economy the other. 

There is almost no true left wing socialism with any power in the United States.  Instead, we have 2 parties that are much closer to the fascist model, right wing.  The model is called the corporate state.  The left is right and the right is just less right. 

How strong is the system?  Watch the election.  There is no free mainstream press in the United States.  It is all geared to support the fascist, international domination line.  There is no one on the scene more prepared to go down this line than Hillary Clinton, even if it ends up bankrupting the United States and draining it of what was once a massive amount of accumulated capital.  The point is to keep those in charge that are in charge, because this is the very means of support and the continuation of such system.  The problem is, it eventually goes bankrupt.  The globalists don't care, because they have their nests feathered and can live where they wish. 

Trump is no classical liberal, that is certain.  All one has to do is listen.  But, it is clear that he has a plan for the country and not for the globalist multinational corporations and international bankers.  Clinton, on the other hand, seems to be interested in selling out the United States, giving the people the typical bones that fascists throw them.  We are going to get rid of greenhouse gasses, a fascist conspiracy, in the first place.  The little guy just won't have a car, while the globalist flies in a private jet and rides in a limousine.  Less demand for oil and gas will merely conserve more of this resource for them, while their taxes are merely recycled back to them.

One only need watch the debate Monday to witness how the conspiracy works.  Anderson Cooper made certain to nail Trump down on whether he had groped any women.  This whole matter had been constructed out of Trumps boasting of his celebrity on that tape.  The entire Clinton structure is in the corporate press.  It has to be, as Trump would really make a mess of their plans of draining the US so they can build up their worldwide interests.  It takes all of 3 days to pull up some women that claim Trump molested them.  The entire matter was lined out so Hillary can run out the clock on what will be the greatest right wing scam since the election of Woodrow Wilson.

One must look at how easy a target Donald Trump is in this matter.  Who is he?  Probably the most celebrity rich guy in the United States.  The number of women that would sleep with him, merely on invite stretches in the tens of millions.  The number of women he has probably hugged in some fashion is in the tens of thousands.  The nature of his business and celebrity brings him into contact with many. 

If Trump groped the 4 women, he has probably groped thousands.  Where have they been all these years?  He has been in the celebrity class for the past 35 years.  One for every 9 years doesn't fit the model.  Where are his yard children?  Sex for a middle class decent looking male isn't hard to find.  Women can get it on demand, provided they are average or better.  A man of Trump's status doesn't need to grope women.  He merely needs to ask them.  The evidence against him is sketchy at best. 

Then we must turn to the women themselves.  As public a figure as Trump has been, the chances he has had close contact with the mere public percentage of mentally ill people would definitely raise the odds of imaginary molesting of hundreds of women.  If there were 100 women that even thought Trump groped them, that wouldn't be shocking.  25% of American women are taking psychiatric drugs, at least that is what I have read.  For what?  The doctor thought something was going on between the ears.  There is a lot of projection, where people project onto others what they want.

The point of all of this isn't to argue whether Trump is guilty or not.  The point is to look at the coverage in the press.  Hillary has more fires blazing around her than Smoky the Bear.  They don't look.  The Obama Administration is unequally prosecuting people in the US.  They don't look.  Hillary blames everything on the Russians, when in fact the WikiLeaks are the writings of her and her associates.  The Clinton's now claim a $250 million net worth, though neither has had much of a private sector job.  Clearly they are selling influence or collecting for past favors.  The big press isn't even looking at these matters. 

The question here is whether there is still a we the people in the US or merely a group of people dependent on what their masters will let them have.  It is clear there is a fascist power structure in the US that protects itself, spins the information Americans are allowed to have and wants to control them to the hilt.  They need politicians that will continue the status quo, because to interrupt it, everything falls apart. 

Trump has seen this go on for years and thought he could do something about it, because he believed the fable that the US is a free society with free elections.  Much of the American population has believed the same, that they could choose their leaders, when in fact, we have been voting for a group of cardboard cutouts, anyone not in the mold, eliminated by the right socialist press.  What is guaranteed for average Americans is a declining standard of living and a continued theft of the rights guaranteed in the bill of rights.  The current structure either violates or has eliminated much of them already.  Remember, they are your rights not the governments. 

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