Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump

First of all, I am not a registered voter.  I will discuss my reasons for not being registered, as for years voting was a religion to me.  My explanation might go a long way to answering why the process is rigged.  I must say your answer that Hillary was the Democratic nominee, despite her scandals, goes a long way to pointing out how rigged the system is and why I am not voting at this time. 

Your performance in the debate was okay.  Clinton can sound very convincing some times and I can see how someone who didn't know better, would vote for her.  Just who could, having even a clue how corrupt she has been and probably will continue to be.  Lying is a habit for her. 

Anyhow, you missed on some things.  The most important of which was the WikiLeaks.  Hillary threw out the red herring about the Russians being the culprits, with at best evidence that would be thrown out of court, and you bit on her attack.  The proper answer would have been, had the leaks come out against you, the media would have beat you to death, even if it came from the devil himself.  Where you missed was that no one has dispelled the legitimacy of the emails.  There were even emails from the guy who organized the riots at your rally in Chicago.  WikiLeaks wouldn't have known that man's name from mine.  Point being, there is plenty of important information on who Hillary Clinton really is.  That was a fat pitch and you took it and struck out on the one that followed. 

Remember, Americans are stupid enough that most of them actually believe you had no taxable income the past 18 years.  Unless things have changed, you had to pay tax on your TV show.  Maybe there was enough depreciation on your properties, along with property taxes and interest to shelter all the income that came in.  I highly doubt this, because a lot of these properties are depreciated out and they are still class A properties.  Point being, a carry forward loss is a real loss and to be honest, I thought you were broke at the time.  Maybe you were and didn't throw in the towel. 

My point on the previous paragraph is the vast majority of people don't know Apple computer borrows money to keep from bringing their cash back to the United States.  Most miss the significance of $2.5 trillion coming back to the United States, because they don't understand we get zero taxes out of money the multi-nationals leave off shore.  At the same time, the corporate tax rate kills rising small business, just as a billionaire pays at the same bracket as someone making $700,000.

Then there is the deficit.  The moderator got away with using a phony figure for the national debt.  Hillary got away with stating there is a social security trust fund and the implication Clinton balanced the budget, when in fact that counted extra social security funds.  They talked about the improvement in the budget deficit, when in fact, year ending September 30th, Federal debt was $1.4 trillion higher than October 1, 2015.  We are already over 100% of GDP in debt, which is considered the point of no return.

A politician should be prohibited in using the term, Social Security Trust Fund.  The trust fund has been spent and the only way the fund exists is if the same people pay the taxes again to make it exist.  Instead, it is a classic Ponzi scheme and there should never any action taken to recreate the imaginary fund again, lest it be stolen again. 

The biggest drain on the middle class of the United States is monetary inflation.  Monetary inflation is debt inflation and the illusion is money is easy to pay back and wages are going up.  It drains savings and devalues capital.  The only beneficiaries are the rich, who have first access to the money and government bureaucrats.  They can indebt the people painlessly, only to spring the debt on them later. 

The Clintons claim the 1990's.  The 1990's were a debt bubble and the country was funded on home equity, hidden because declining interest rates inflated values.  Franklin Raines, a Clinton cabinet member, created the almost no down payment  standards on FNMA loans, then took over FNMA to finish the bubble and draw out $100 million in compensation.  Raines gave us a bankrupt FNMA and Barack Obama. The middle class is either renting now or stuck in mortgaged up homes.  Artificially low rates are going to take the rest of the equity this time around.  

We all know what happened to the stock market in 2000 to 2002.  This bubble was fueled by hype and money withdrawn from the housing stock of the American people.  The 401K's were making people rich and providing money for the bubble, only for it to disappear in worthless stocks, hyped by analysts who never saw a sell recommendation. Wall Street got fat and many retirement funds were left holding huge cap value stocks like Enron and WorldCom.  The highest value stocks at the time, Microsoft, Intel, GE and Cisco have yet to make it back to their 2001 tops nearly 16 years later.  These 4 stocks made up over 1/8 of total market capitalization and were universally held in excess in mutual funds. 

Where the American people are fooled is inflation helps the rich, bails out the bankers, who operate a Ponzi of their own and devalue the assets of the middle class.  Capital gains are only for quick money, as over time, most capital gains are noting but devaluation of the money and no gain at all.  I don't think it would be too bad if capital gains were taxed at full income amounts, as long as the basis was indexed to inflation. 

The other thing that fools most people is there is nothing free.  In fact, the cost of government falls directly on the people that work for a living.  You can tax the excess of the rich, but you can't gain by taxing capital over time.  That is because capital provides the basis of a rising standard of living.  Government produces nothing.  It does provide services, but in sum, those services are derived from the people that work outside the government.  The term GDP means nothing, when the measuring stick means nothing and so much of it is fluff.  A few intellectuals position themselves to convince the rest of us they know more about our business than we do.  This is why central planning doesn't work.

My other reason for not voting is philosophical.  I am a Rothbard leaning Libertarian.  Gary Johnson is just another statist, a guy that held office all his life.  A self respecting Libertarian wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.  The most powerful government for a libertarian would be at city hall, where we could get our hands on them.  DC would amount to next to nothing, maybe 5% the size it is today. 

As to why I don't vote?  I had a hell of a time not registering this time to vote for you.  You get elected and run again, I will probably get in line.  But, you aren't supposed to be on the ticket, which is why it is rigged.  I don't believe the press is as rigged as it has been this time around.  I think they just happen to work for those that usually pick the candidates.  As you like to point out, your movement is an anomaly.  It is, because you aren't supposed to get the nomination.  In fact, George Washington,, Abe Lincoln, Andrew Jackson or Thomas Jefferson would have almost no chance of running for President today, unless they sold out.  I quit voting in 1994, when I realized they were going to make the second George Bush President after Clinton.  I was right and there is no way in hell George should have been within  200 yards of the White House.  The same goes for his father and the Clintons.  Reagan was said to be an anomaly, but Reagan was just another establishment guy who happened to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.  He worked for General Electric when he did Death Valley Days.  He didn't fall out of the sky to be the speaker at the RNC in 1964.  His administration was dominated by Rockefeller men, just as Carter and Nixon's was. 

If you get elected, it will be the greatest political event in my lifetime.  The establishment will have been defeated, at least temporarily.  I'm sure you have been close enough to politics that you couldn't see what I have been able to see, standing back.  Just as I did years ago, I'm sure you are getting a big dose today.  You aren't supposed to be the nominee.  Anyone in their right mind knows Hillary isn't supposed to be there, in reality, but American politics is a stage show. Nor was Romney or McCain the best men for the job, but stand ups for Obama, who raised a huge war chest from Wall Street in 2008 and paid his dues by putting none of them in jail for the massive fraud that led to the breaking bubble.  Not to mention he kept Bernanke in power, giving them fuel to pile up even more wealth on leverage that cost nothing.  Then there was Bob Dole in 1996, when Clinton would have been easy to defeat.  Why such a dull candidate, when the Republicans had a winner in 96?  Same with Dukakis in 1988.  At least the Democrats ran Mondale in 1984, who had the appearance of being legitimate. 

I respect you DJT.  Any man who could take the shit dished out the last year and still be moving forward with hope, is a real man.  I'm going to send you a little money, just as I sent Ron Paul money and Rand Paul money.  It is too bad you were so naïve as to think we had legitimate elections in the US.  It has little to do with capability or honesty and a lot to do with who with money and power puts up.  Both the nominees are supposed to be their guys. 

The executive branch of government was never supposed to be this powerful. What scares me about Hillary or, if not Hillary, the next guy or woman, is that we are just a step away from being a dictatorship.  The average Joe wouldn't know one if they saw it, until is started acting as a dictatorship.  We are already there, as Congress has declared too many wars on the domestic front and woven too much Federal funding through the states.  This is where we get ridiculous stuff like allowing transvestites in with our daughters at school.  No one in their right mind would make such a ruling, other than someone who is seeing how much the people of a country will take.  As you can see, we are already there.  Executive orders are orders of war.

The US was set up as a mercantile system and we were told it was free enterprise.  It is, where they aren't involved.  That area is getting more narrow all the time.  They get bailed out, we get regulated.  There are no regulations that either fail to provide the oligarchs with more money or eliminate their competition.  If it hits them too hard, they go to China. 

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