Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stood Up

There is a popular British series called Peaky Blinders.  In it, they hire a kid to get thrown in jail to appease the authorities.  They call it "stood up".  The kid was paid well and all was well, except the organized crime opponents of the Blinders killed him.

Stood up meant there was a purpose for the authorities and the criminal element involved.  In the case of the Blinders, they needed an arrest of a bookie, a phony at that, to get the cops off their real bookies.  In the case of the police, they needed an arrest to show the government that was demanding action, they were doing their job. 

Such is the current political climate.  In fact, we have been voting for stood up candidates for President most, if not all my life.  The only exceptions I can think of are Trump and maybe Reagan.  But, Reagan was a political figure, brought into the mix at the Republican Convention of 1964.  Sometimes we have 2 viable establishment characters, so the puppeteers can't lose.  Other times, we have basically a dummy to face their man in power.  An example was Dole in 1996, when it would have been easy for the Republicans to dust off a new face and beat Clinton in 1996.  Dole was in the same pockets that Clinton was in, thus making it a safe bet. 

I made a decision to quit voting in 1994 and despite my strongest urges to register and vote against Hillary, I haven't done so.  My reasoning at the time was they were going to make the  second Bush  the President of the United States, when they stood him up as Governor of Texas.  2000 confirmed my suspicions.  It was either 2002 or 2004 that Obama was elected to the Senate.  Immediately,  he was being touted as a Presidential candidate, the first black President.  It only took 4 years, despite Obama doing nothing to distinguish himself in the Senate.  The timing of his election, the financial crisis, along with the massive campaign war chest he had, tells a story.  Afterwards, there was very little in criminal prosecution of the sins of Wall Street and some of the main characters involved were brought into his government. 

McCain was also a stood up character.  One of the Keeting 5, McCain was certain to be friendly to the bankers.  Then we have the capital firm character, Mitt Romney.  What an insider and what an easy target for Obama.  Was the plan to elect Obama or to have 2 candidates in the pocket of the establishment?

This brings us to Hillary Clinton.  What has Hillary done?  Next to nothing, but she was touted 25 years ago, as the first woman President.  She had worked in a law firm a few years, her practice tinged with corruption.  Other than that, her claim to fame was she was married to a politician.  Someone decided she would be Senator of a state, where she hadn't resided in over 25 years.  Broke, according to her story, she buys a mansion.  The state, New York, is ruled by bankers.  Presto.

If we the people understood what was going on, Donald Trump would win this election by 50 points.  I'm not going to say Trump has all the great ideas, but for the first time in a long time, likely in my lifetime, we have a man that isn't owned by the same powerful international groups.  His opponent is tainted with more scandals and corruption than possibly any character who has ever run for any national office.  The actions of the establishment against Trump model the actions of a totalitarian state. 

The current controversy is about something Trump said on an open mike while riding in a bus with other celebrities.  The establishment had this on the shelves to release at an appropriate time.  What time?  When all the damning facts about his opponent comes out.  We saw this when the Obama phony, doctored birth certificate was released.  Suddenly they kill Bin Laden.  The WikiLeaks releases confirm Hillary is a 2 faced liar, who doesn't work for the people, doesn't unite the people, but uses divisive tactics that may or may not be her actual opinion.  She peddles influence to the few, using the many to get into power, effectively destroying the middle class.  The establishment doesn't care about us.  They care about having someone in power that will spread their influence and pad their pockets.  The American people are pawns to keep them in power. 

Trump was actually telling it as it is.  He never admitted to grabbing pussy, only that he could do it, if he wanted in a lot of cases.  Is it true?  There are women that don't care who they sleep with, as long as there is status in doing so.  The NBA teams travel around the country.  Women hang out to get someone of note as a notch on their gun.  Some of these guys end up paying child support to women they don't know.  You hear about it all the time. 

WikiLeaks comes out with all the dirt on Hillary (their emails, not some rumor) and here this off color interview of Donald Trump telling it like it is.  The press can't talk about how Hillary looks at the typical American as a pawn or how she despises us.  No it is about Trump telling it as it is, likely having fun behind closed doors in telling it.  Locker room talk, as in the 19th hole locker room.

How many women has Donald Trump met that would go to great lengths to have him show sexual interest toward them?  Probably 100,000 or more.  Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have had sex with something like 5000 women.  Think he got all of them that were available? They were lying in wait for him, if this was true.  That is 1 a week for 100 years and Wilt probably did it in 35 years or less.  He wasn't going out on dates with these gals, as Wilt was a bachelor his entire life and not even Wilt could handle that stream of women.  I never heard any rumors of rape against Wilt.  Think Wilt didn't grab a lot of pussy?  He was black and he was an icon.  He was also a notch on thousands of women's guns. 

So, the mainstream media plays these comments over and over again, while emails showing what a group of thugs are managing the Democratic Party candidate.  Hillary Clinton is a criminal.  Not only is she guilty of violating the espionage act, but there is massive evidence of the peddling of influence.  The Feds go after local authorities engaged in minor violations, while Hillary pockets tens of millions, then runs for President.  That, with the mainstream media aiding and abetting her along the way. 

Why?  Trump is the first candidate for President that the people of the United States selected, in my lifetime.  The Republican establishment fought him.  The Democrats demonize him, yet is he likely closer to the blacks, Hispanics and whites of the US than Hillary ever was.  His views on illegal immigration is twisted to mean he hates Mexicans, while the Americans of lower economic status are priced out of the market, social systems are financially strained and the country bears a cost.  Trump has come out for the United States and its people.  The establishment is fighting him, because they want to get rid of the United States as we know it and use the world as their source of more power. 

So, we are looking at a cardboard cutout in Hillary and the people's choice in Trump.  The establishment candidate can be whomever they like, as they are in the habit of controlling both candidates.  Mickey Mouse could be on the ticket, as long as the administration behind him was composed of establishment, Goldman Sachs types. This is what we will get with Hillary, more characters selling the common man and women of the United States down the river, under the guise of diversity and nation building. 

As for me?  I resisted the urge to register to vote once more.  Maybe one day I will get involved with local issues and register.  If Texas isn't a safe state for Trump, my vote wouldn't matter, as the establishment would have succeeded in pulling the wool over the sheeples eyes once more.  The United States has been destroyed by these people and we are seeing a last gasp effort by a movement to save what is left.  Our debt and our working class is being used as collateral to further the aims of the multinationals and globalists.  Even the poorest American couldn't stand what is on its way, if we don't reverse this collateralization of America for international purposes.  In the meantime, the current administration is pushing us toward world war, likely to cloud the issue of impending financial collapse.  The main players are going to need a place to hide and Hillary will give  it to them, in exchange for a little fame, fortune and power.  Our industry is gone and the debts are piling up.  We the people are a dead issue, if we the people elect Hillary.  Elect our candidate, not theirs. 

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